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make it unique.
Turn it into an heirloom.

LASER ENGRAVING Unique gifts & Keepsakes personalized:
  • Unit Fair Winds and Following Seas
  • On-Site engraving available: *marathon times *sporting events *All Tools Accounted For
  • Tool & Part Serialization / Barcodes
  • Nameplates & Trophies
  • Business Cards
  • Laptops
  • Watches
  • Pens
  • Jewelry
  • Knives
  • Dog-tags
  • just about anything onto metal **saving for BOSS co2 Laser for 5d maps & everything else, got goals baby
Make it Unique. Make it an Heirloom


We have always preferred discreetness, 

  1. Contact us with photos of your item to be engraved and with text / photos ideas ( or give creative Freedom! ) 
  2. We will provide proofs and examples / turn around time / and cost ( **45% due before shipping to PK Design.  The remaining total before returning back to you or preferred shipping address) 
  3.  We provide our Agreement form that acknowledges some liability and covers common phrases like Act of God clause since sometimes power outages occur and we love our workshop around storms
  4. Prepare for shipping to us following all applicable laws, if any
  5. Your item is sent to the Lab for light to remove material, annealing the surface   
  6. Proof provided (and tracking number) of completion before returning your now Unique item!

    May it bring you some unique conversation, blessings, luck, fortune, and remembrance of Faith when in need. 

Customizing your Every day Carry or theirs!


Weaponsmith | Custom AR-9 / AR-10 / AR-15 Builds | Cleaning | Mods | Price Scout | Gun Store browser | Pawn shop treasure hunter

**PROKEK no longer sells firearms as an 01-FFL.  Closed GA shop, *moved to Florida.

*attempting to move, it is rough when persecuted for your beliefs by the institutions that demand tax on so many things without representation and drained of resources when trying to fight a corrupt legal district in GA.  Long story, love to share.