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fidelity. integrity. dignity.

WhAT we are

We are American. We are an empowering, bold, and forward thinking brand. Inspired by Real life harnessing the Digital.
We advise, design, shares, and create unique, hand processed, tested products, inspired by our customers and their passions.
We are advocates of the future, mental health, and success of Our Veterans.


-8 years USMC // 3x years Okinawa, 5x years Camp LeJeune
2161 – Machinist
Flight-line repairs & Tight tolerances
Special Operations ordnance support
-9+ years Private refurbish, repair, customization, & builds

Treat, Never, Keep, Keep, Know


Our purpose is to provide a unique personality for equalizing tools and heirlooms as well the knowledge of safe handling for the firearms that may protect Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We put a heavy emphasis on Firearm Safety in the realm of Responsible Gun Ownership.

Ambition to own a machine shop that manufacturers top-tier, multi-caliber, silencers for civilian, law enforcement, and military. Implement next-gen tech to bring joy for the elderly.  Provide jobs for veterans and a non-profit for a wide-range of life improving technologies for those who serve or have served.

A well regulated militia is one that is
well-INFORMED and well-ARMed

Marine 2004 - Once a Marine, Always a marine

  • Georgia Games 1996 Gold Medalist – Hockey
  • USMC Machinist
  • Marine Corps, Okinawa Gold Card holder, Twin turbo Nissan R33 Skyline babysitter & Mitsubishi 4×4 Delica owner
  • Marine Corps NCO Suicide Prevention – Master Trainer
  • Custodian of Largest inventory of Foreign Weapons
  • USMC Foreign Weapons Instructor
  • Former Georgia 01-FFL licensee


Humble start in a nice store located on the Georgia / North Carolina border.  Started as an 01-Federal Firearms Gun store with a focus on gunsmithing & engraving, and hunting supplies.  Migrated to Cartersville, GA then eventually Rome, GA before returning the A&D and moving to Florida.
Name: PROKEK; PRO`KEK; PRO ( informal noun/adjective An argument or consideration in favor of something. One who supports a proposal or takes the affirmative side in a debate.)
KEK( World of Warcraft: when a player of the Horde faction types “lol” using the /say messaging command, members of the opposing faction see it as “kek” | Korean equivalent of the English “haha” )

Everyone has a wild story…

PROKEK started out of a necessity to find a means to provide for; and raise a large family, be my own boss.  It was a colliding of machinist, gunsmithing, artist, computers, problem-solving, and creativity.   The idea to merge an FFL, graphic design with a fiber laser ( first in Georgia ), gunsmithing, and guerrilla marketing with innovative products in a dated market in 30512, GA seemed like a great start.  Our first sale, as well as first official meeting with the ATF, was at a brick and mortar was located right off mile marker 17 in Bliarsville, Georgia.  Customers would enjoy the nice open parking space with gravel nicely nestled into the earth before entering the quaint, tiny, welcoming area with products they had never seen in real life, not on a screen, and we could engrave at blue collar prices with unheard of technique that altered the market if not the world.  Granted most were perfectly happy with their antique squirrel firearms and toss-away pitted revolvers.. because they could hit what they needed to.  But they had money and politics was hyping the market up.. (for good reason). ProKek eventually moved to Cartersville, Georgia on Mockingbird Lane.. seriously.. look it up!  Had a wonderful time there, the downtown, the nice little wine bar with the address 17 and the late nights listening to the train.  Real life took hold and I had to take a step back from the company, all effort and currency was diverted into getting help, initially ‘legally’…  spent a lot of time and miles around North West Georgia doing what I could and the continual patience of my Faith and the exposure of its limits. Eventually, prokek came to the realization that we found ourselves in the middle of a Storm of Biblical coincidences…………….., with the wild ride that includes and but limited to. politics, love, turmoil, evil, tragedy, good, hope, life & death.. to the point the word coincidence is as cliché as the coined term ‘conspiracy theory‘… because this story has a bunch of those as well.  Turns out Truth does win and has way less syllables.  It has been a long journey, hundreds of thousands of miles (a lot of gas and it got expensive under Bidan), some amazing churches, some great talk radio, and emotional music.  Thankful for every path crossed, every lesson, and oh yes thank you for the reminder that there is patience & kindness.  Met a lot of great people (even in pubs!), saw a lot of beautiful in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and North Carolina.. a few bad things… but there is always Today to work towards a better Future.  We are far from finished and ProKek tried to settle down in Florida but still on the look out for a good place to park. We look forward to dipping our toes into the fashion market utilizing geometric patterns, top-secret grey tier market, training, videography, advising, public speaking, helping better the lives of Veterans, bettering the world, a dash bit of controlled chaos or organized chaos ( is there such a thing? ), and ever presence of Faith, hope, luck, and laughs .  We just might make it a brand you can find at a job producing store.  Challenges accepted and met, peace through strength, peace through love, Our best days are ahead, thank you for all the help, on and off the spiritual battlefield, the FAITH, to get this far. Have fun, Have a laugh, Have kids or at least have fun trying.
There are man-made evils that take that natural choice away, be angered at their man-made creation, their products.  An example would be Puberty Blockers, Chemicals in Talcum powder or products aimed at Children & Mothers, or Chemicals on the floor for your child to crawl on then put in their mouth. Welcome to Geo-Politics, hatred
Customizing your EDC
honoring those not with us today
respecting the injured

quiet lessons from silent professionals