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fidelity. integrity. dignity.

WhAT we are

We are American. We are an empowering, bold, and forward thinking brand. Inspired by Real life harnessing the Digital.
We advise, design, share, and create unique, hand processed, tested products, inspired by our customers and their passions.
We are advocates of the future, mental health, and success of Our Veterans.

honoring those not with us today
respecting the injured


-8 years USMC // 3x years Okinawa, 5x years Camp LeJeune
2161 – Machinist
Flight-line repairs & Tight tolerances
Special Operations ordnance support
-9+ years Private refurbish, repair, customization, & builds

The slow creep of Progressive Purple,
by cunning cowards.
by sigil takers.
Treat, Never, Keep, Keep, Know


Our purpose is to provide a unique personality for equalizing tools and heirlooms as well the knowledge of safe handling for the firearms that may protect Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We put a heavy emphasis on Firearm Safety in the realm of Responsible Gun Ownership.

Ambition to own a machine shop that manufacturers top-tier, multi-caliber, silencers for civilian, law enforcement, and military. Implement next-gen tech to bring joy for the elderly.  Provide jobs for veterans and a non-profit for a wide-range of life improving technologies for those who serve or have served.

A well regulated militia is one that is
well-INFORMED and well-ARMed

Once a Marine, Always a marine

  • Georgia Games 1996 Gold Medalist – Hockey
  • USMC Machinist (2161)
  • Marine Corps, Okinawa Gold Card holder,
    Twin turbo Nissan R33 Skyline babysitter & Mitsubishi 4×4 Delica owner
  • Marine Corps NCO Suicide Prevention – Master Trainer
  • Custodian of Largest inventory of Foreign Weapons
  • USMC Foreign Weapons Instructor
  • Former Georgia 01-FFL licensee




PRO ( informal noun/adjective An argument or consideration in favor of something. One who supports a proposal or takes the affirmative side in a debate.)

( World of Warcraft: when a player of the Horde faction types “lol” using the /say messaging command, members of the opposing faction see it as “kek” | Korean equivalent of the English “haha” )

Everyone has a story…

A colliding of experience from the Military as a machinist, weapon-smith, to the hobbies through out life; artist, computers, problem-solving, and creativity.   The idea to merge an FFL, graphic design with a fiber laser (first in Georgia), weaponsmithing, and guerrilla marketing with innovative products seemed like a great place to start.  Our first sale, as well as first official meeting with the ATF, was at a brick and mortar located next to mile marker 17.




PK Design:Guns & Engraving web-ads

Talk radio & other influences

Florida Man Radio
One America News
The Epoch Times
The website formerly known as 8chan
gab Trends

quiet lessons from silent professionals